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Vicente Beltrán Anglada

The Hierarchy, the Solar Angels and Humanity

February 2011 Update


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VBA (1986): "My first three books were a preparation to the Threefold Task and were entitled: The Hierarchy, the Solar Angels and Humanity (1972); The Mysteries of Yoga (1976) and Esoteric Conversations (public talks in Barcelona 1976-1980). 

The next two books represented an affirmation of spiritual principles.  Introduction to Agni Yoga (1981) is a practical exposition of the mystical but intensely dynamic life born in the heart when the mind stops reflecting its external circumstances and surrenders to its spiritual purpose. My Spiritual Experiences (1981) is an [autobiographic] account of mental and psychic experiences in the life of a disciple. The purpose of sharing such experiences is to develop a discerning attitude leading to right and decisive action among spiritual aspirants. 

The triptych An Esoteric Treatise on Angels (1979-1980), consisting of Occult Forces of Nature (1979), Devic Structures of Forms (1980), and Angels in the Social Life of Humanity (1980), represented my wholehearted embrace of the Ashramic task that I would specifically assume responsibility for.

The next book, The Mysteries of Shamballa (1985), was completed during my visit to Argentina, according Hierarchical plans. In that book some preliminary ideas are presented about this all-inclusive and inscrutable center guiding our spiritual evolution on Earth.

Finally, with the book Organized Planetary Magic (1986), I attempt to fulfill the third of my Ashramic commitments. Despite its simplicity, the book describes the basic [practical] ideas on Magic, a vital process involved in any human, planetary or cosmic act of creation."







The Hierarchy, the Solar Angels and Humanity

Table of Contents


I. The Hierarchy and Humanity in the Age of Aquarius

II. The Activity of the Solar Angels in the New Age

III. The Conscious Approach of Human Beings  to their Solar Angels

IV. Admission to the Ashram, and its makeup

V. Life and Work within the Ashram

VI. On Psychic Powers

VII. Discipleship and Perfection

VIII. On Human Karma

IX. Devachan Experience

X. Rebirth After Devachan

XI. The Deva Kingdom and Humanity

XII. Concluding Remarks

VBA (1986): "I hope to have done my small part in this great spiritual adventure, as inspired from the mystical center of the Ashram. Maybe it is not as vast and thorough as I would have preferred, but either the circumstances imposed a prudent silence, or my own limitations created an expressive "ring-pass-not."  Be that as it may, my sincere prayer and my warmest wish is that the ideas contained in all my books may shed some light --bringing some spiritual understanding-- to the minds and hearts of the spiritual aspirants who read them. May these books serve some useful purpose by impressing universal values into their personal lives."

21 February 2011

The Lights Of My Ashram

Dear Fellow Workers on the Path:

The two volumes of Discipleship in the New Age (DINA) by Alice A. Bailey (AAB) contain the record of a series of personal and group instructions given to a small group of aspirants over a period of fifteen years by a Master of the Wisdom. Training and teaching hints and personal instructions are given to each of 41 disciples and applicants for discipleship. The original intention behind the group working instructions contained in Volume I was to externalize eventually through groups of nine integrated disciples ("Groups of Nine"). The second volume contains the teaching given between the years 1940 and 1949 after the group had been reduced and reorganized into one group, "the new seed group" (source: back covers of the DINA books).

A major purpose for publishing these DINA volumes was to show the inner work of a bona fide group of disciples affiliated with an Ashram of the Hierarchy. Through this group work, the inner dynamics of an Ashram are presented from the point of view of the Master providing the instruction, as recorded by AAB. Much of the glamour created by the earlier Theosophical presentation of the relationship between Master and disciple is dissipated thereby.

However, not much reliable information, if any at all, has been published from the perspective of the disciple receiving instruction in an Ashram. The DINA books do not say much about the direct telepathic communication between the Master and His disciples. To fill in this niche, from the intimate perspective of an accepted disciple in an Ashram, Vicente Beltrán Anglada (VBA) wrote his first book in 1972 (at the age of 57) entitled "The Hierarchy, the Solar Angels and Humanity" (JASH, for its acronym in Spanish).

There is no intention in VBA's work to provide a "new dispensation" of Hierarchical teachings nor to update any previous one. His main motivation was to inspire all spiritual aspirants by documenting the "real life" experience of an accepted disciple in a second Ray Ashram in preparation for initiation, in the midst of the social and political turmoil of a civil war (1936-39) and its aftermath (1939-1975). A biographical sketch of VBA has been provided elsewhere.

It is my intention, and my authorized task, to introduce VBA's original work to the English-speaking world by translating it (in collaboration with other fellow workers in Spain and in America) and by launching a new series of communications to be named "The Lights of My Ashram." This was the title of the section in the esoteric journal "Conocimiento" (Buenos Aires, Argentina) where VBA first published his spiritual experiences [ 1 | 2 ], as authorized by his Master and his group.

So, today, we begin this new series by sharing VBA's Preface to the second edition of his first published book. But before we proceed, I would like first to share his editor's brief introduction to the first edition because it reflects exactly the way I was introduced to VBA's work many years ago.

"I was introduced to this work when I came across some articles published by Vicente Beltrán that called my attention. At first, his categorical affirmations about his Ashramic duties made me doubtful. The esoteric field is full of self-deception…. but when I penetrated deeply into the essence of his writings, I gradually became aware of their authenticity. My destiny took me far from my motherland and a key stop in my journey brought me to Barcelona, where I was able to confirm first-hand the authenticity of Vicente Beltrán's work.

For several months, I enjoyed the privilege of the author’s brotherly friendship, and I could see how he approached both aspects of life: the material and the spiritual. His way of life in both is a straight line of purity, love and constant sacrifice that never falters, in spite of the difficulties that life and its circumstances always bring. As Vicente affirms in his work, those who live in the eternal (as he does) and who have identified with the Solar Angel, neither know how nor are they able to live in any other way. Once the contact has been established, there is no way back."

October, 1972. Surya Chandra

So, as stated in the back cover of DINA I, this pioneering group training effort is perpetuated for those who tread the Path of Discipleship today. May the VBA account inspire us all who seek to aid the Great Ones, as we fulfill our part in the one Work.

As a witness of the Light and in the service of the Plan,


PS: This translation effort is endless. To read VBA's work in Spanish is to study esotericism in poetic language. There is no way that poetry can be faithfully translated to a different language. Some glimpses of his poetic imagery have been captured in the English translation. However, the reader is advised to check the website for the latest translation of his work. Moreover, we invite all English-speaking friends of the esoteric community to send us their suggestions for improvement. Thank you.


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