Vicente Beltrán Anglada

Biographical Sketch

Don Vicente Beltrán Anglada (1915-1988) was born in Barcelona, Spain. VBA was held prisoner during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and, given the subhuman jail conditions, he was ready to give up hope. It was then when his Master revealed a spiritual plan for him, a life purpose to slowly unfold throughout the years. However, the end of the war did not ease his problems as he remained an outcast of the subsequent Catholic Church-supported dictatorship in Spain.

VBA married his lifelong wifely companion, Leonor Tomás Vives, who shared his strong spiritual commitment to the discipleship life.  After some time, they temporarily relocated to Geneva, Switzerland, where he was affiliated with the Lucis Trust-Arcane School, a school of esoteric training for discipleship in the New Age. Here, VBA coordinated the training for all the School students in Spain.

VBA was an accepted disciple in conscious contact with his Second Ray Ashram.  As he could not publish his spiritual ideas in Spain during General Franco's dictatorship, VBA began to publish his experiences in the journal Conocimiento (originally Sophia) of Buenos Aires. Some of the articles published in that journal – entitled The Lights of my Ashram – served as the basis for his first book: The Hierarchy, the Solar Angels, and Humanity (1974).

After the restoration of democracy (1975), VBA began to speak publicly in Spain. He delivered talks in major cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza. His regular talks in Barcelona were published in the book Esoteric Conversations (1980). He later visited Argentina in 1985 where Francisco Brualla, a disciple of the Tibetan Master, had already anchored the Hierarchical work since 1937. VBA traveled extensively for more than two months, delivering public speeches in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Misiones, Córdoba and other major cities in Argentina.

VBA's spiritual mission unfolded as planned. After leaving the Arcane School work, he devoted the rest of his life to fulfill his Ashramic responsibilities. Foremost among his tasks was promoting the "Threefold Hierarchical Project" sponsored by his Ashram. His books A Treatise on the Angelic Kingdom (1979-84), The Mysteries of Shamballa (1986)  [1, 2, 3]  and Organized Planetary Magic (1987) summarize his life task.

A common thread throughout VBA's Ashramic message is the revelation of a new "yoga of synthesis", the Agni Yoga. His book Introduction to the Agni Yoga (IAY, 1981) outlines the general principles of this spiritual practice which transcends all spiritual disciplines in the life of all modern disciples. In a previous book, The Mysteries of Yoga (1976), he had already introduced the subject and even revealed the name and a brief description of the future Devi Yoga.


My Ashramic Work

Vicente Beltrán Anglada


"My first three books were a preparation to the Threefold Task and were entitled: The Hierarchy, the Solar Angels and Humanity (1972); The Mysteries of Yoga (1976) and Esoteric Conversations (public talks in Barcelona 1976-1980).

"The next two books represented an affirmation of spiritual principles. Introduction to Agni Yoga (1981) is a practical exposition of the mystical but intensely dynamic life born in the heart when the mind stops reflecting its external circumstances and surrenders to its spiritual purpose. My Spiritual Experiences (1981) is an [autobiographic] account of mental and psychic experiences in the life of a disciple. The purpose of sharing such experiences is to develop a discerning attitude leading to right and decisive action among spiritual aspirants.

"The triptych An Esoteric Treatise on Angels (1979-1980), consisting of Occult Forces of Nature (1979), Devic Structures of Forms (1980), and Angels in the Social Life of Humanity (1980), represented my wholehearted embrace of the Ashramic task that I would specifically assume responsibility for.

"The next book, The Mysteries of Shamballa (1985), was completed during my visit to Argentina, according Hierarchical plans. In that book some preliminary ideas are presented about this all-inclusive and inscrutable center guiding our spiritual evolution on Earth.

"Finally, with the book Organized Planetary Magic (1986), I attempt to fulfill the third of my Ashramic commitments. Despite its simplicity, the book describes the basic [practical] ideas on Magic, a vital process involved in any human, planetary or cosmic act of creation.

"I hope to have done my small part in this great spiritual adventure, as inspired from the mystical center of the Ashram. Maybe it is not as vast and thorough as I would have preferred, but either the circumstances imposed a prudent silence, or my own limitations created an expressive "ring-pass-not."  Be that as it may, my sincere prayer and my warmest wish is that the ideas contained in all my books may shed some light --bringing some spiritual understanding-- to the minds and hearts of the spiritual aspirants who read them. May these books serve some useful purpose by impressing universal values into their personal lives."