A Book Review:
The Mysteries of Shamballa

by The Hermetic Observatory


"...towards the end of the century and during the first few decades of the twenty-first century, teaching anent Shamballa will be given forth..."
-Discipleship New Age II, p.261

Treasure of the Mountain
(c) Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York

The Mysteries of Shamballa [Editorial Buena Voluntad, 1986; Editorial Kier 1998] is a very unusual book written by a very unusual man, Vicente Beltrán Anglada (VBA, 1915-1988), a Barcelona native whose motto was:

  "The Truth must be presented so that it may convince without binding and it may appeal even without convincing... And only the language of the heart can accomplish this." I.A.Y.-49

VBA's previous production, on subjects such as spiritual discipleship, meditation, organized magic and the angelic kingdom, serves as background for this factual account of his intense but "serenely expectant" approach to God's highest abode on Earth, Shamballa, also known as Shangri-La and the White Island of the Gobi Desert.

The books written by VBA are all published in Spanish. However, an outline of The Mysteries of Shamballa is provided here in English and, as appropriate, cross-referenced to the Alice A. Bailey books. The cross-reference is not meant to imply that VBA translated into Spanish sections of the AAB-DK books. On the contrary, VBA's production is highly original and is independently derived from direct Ashramic sources. Standing on its own, VBA's message can be validated, but not duplicated, by the AAB-DK teachings.

Although translating the whole book is beyond the scope of this project, in part because VBA's books are culturally adapted to the Spanish-speaking world, the cross-referenced outline may provide English-speaking students with an overview of the subjects covered, some alternate sources to study the same subjects in English, and maybe a motivation to learn another language to truly enjoy the writings of this unique Spanish-speaking forerunner of the New Aquarian Age.

Lastly, the introductory chapter contains detailed psychological impressions of a man who claims to have factually reached the underground system of caves in the Gobi Desert which serve as the antechamber to the Sacred City of Shamballa. Similar claims have been responsibly made by others, most notably the Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich. Mr. Roerich described his geographic expedition in the book Shambhala.

The psychological counterpart of any such expedition to Shamballa should also be considered. The Agni Yoga Teachings revealed by Helena Roerich present a First Ray approach to Shamballa. The Agni Yoga Teachings revealed by Vicente Beltrán Anglada present a complementary Second Ray approach to it. One was revealed in Russian; the other in Spanish, but for the whole world to use. 


May the Releasing Light of the Lord Buddha
The Infinite Love of the Spirit of Peace
And the Unfathomable Power of the Avatar of Synthesis
Restore the Plan of God on Earth.

(Los Misterios del Yoga, pp. 152-161)

BelÚn 24 Dic 2000

Agni Yoga is ...

a heart-centered, serenely expectant and profoundly attentive way of living which endows its seasoned practitioner with a perfect sense of adaptation to life and its circumstances --Adapted from the VBA Teachings

The Mysteries of Shamballa

by Vicente Beltrán Anglada

I. The Mystic Center of Shamballa A. The Three Approaches:
 1. Historic 
 2. Psychologic 
 3. Spiritual
B. The Three Halls of Learning:
 1. Knowledge 
 2. Wisdom 
 3. Cosmic Opportunity
C. Three Activities of Shamballa
 1. To Offset Cosmic Evil
 2. To Stimulate the Seeds of Goodness
 3. To Execute Karmic Law
D. The Historic Tradition of Shamballa
 1. Legends and Facts
 2. The Guardians of the Sacred Gates
 3. The Survivors of Atlantis
 4. As a flower, Shamballa is made known by its fragrance
 5. Eastern Legend about the Sacred Rod's origin 
II. The Solar Constitution - The seven Planes of the Universe A. Seventh (Physical), 
B. Sixth (Astral),
C. Fifth (Mental),
D. Fourth (Buddhic),
E. Third (Atmic), 
F. Second (Monadic) and
G. First (Adi) Planes
III. The Planetary Constitution - The Seven Spheres of Shamballa A. Seventh (Physical), 
B. Sixth (Astral),
C. Fifth (Mental),
D. Fourth (Buddhic),
E. Third (Atmic), 
F. Second (Monadic) and
G. First (Adi) Spheres
IV. The Mystic Structure of Shamballa A. The White Island
B. Shamballa's Magnetism
see: ==>C. The Seven Planetary Centers
D. The Magnetic Relationship between the Planetary and Solar Logoi
E. Kabalistic relation with number 4 
F. The astronomic and geometric study of the Heavenly Map:
 1. Human Perspective
 2. Causal Perspective
 3. Cosmic Perspective
G. Minor planetary centers
V. The Three Major Mysteries of Shamballa A. The Spiritual Identity of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World
The Foundation of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the establishment of the Great White Lodge on Earth
C. The Arrival of the Solar Angels
The Twelve Creative Hierarchies
The Three Synthesizing Hierarchies
VI. Soul Groups A. The Seven Cities of the Causal Plane
B. Recognizing the Soul Group
C. Ascertaining the Field of Service
D. Liberating the Solar Angel
E. The Way to Shamballa, the Father's Home
VII. Shamballa and Hermetic Analogy A. Principle of Analogy. The key to Esoteric Knowledge
B. Researching "New Stuff"
C. Solar Recollections - The Foundation for Planetary Evolution
D. AGNI YOGA, A Way to Shamballa
E. The Doctrine of the Heart, the Choice of the New Age
The Mystery of the Sacred Rods
A. The Flaming Diamond
B. The Hierarchical Rod
C. Talisman of Brahma
D. Major, coordinating and synthesizing Schemes
E. Cosmic Electricity, the source of the Rod's Power
F. Fohat and Fire Conductivity 
IX. Brahma's Sacred Talisman A. Kundalini: the Fire of Matter
B. Mystery of Rotary Movement in the worlds
C. Mystery of Cyclic Expansion
D. Absorption of Brahma's Fires
E. VISHNU and SHIVA at the end of the Great Cosmic Pralaya or Nirvana
X. The Devas and the Sacred Talismans A. The Major Talismans
B. Devas, Living Talismans
C. The Solar Talisman of the White Island
D. The Attributes of the Lord of the World and the symbols worn by kings on Earth
E. The Variety of Devic Rods or Talismans
XI. The Rods of Power and the Planetary Expansions of Consciousness A. The Seven Spheres of Shamballa
B. The Seven Kingdoms of nature
C. The Human Kingdom
 1. The creation of a major Root Race
 2. The Mystic Structure of a major world region
 3. Civilization and cultural organization of peoples on Earth
 4. The birth and structure of countries
The Spiritual Initiation of Man
A. Preliminary Process
B. The Two Minor Initiations
C. The First Hierarchical Initiation
D. The Second Hierarchical Initiation
E. The Third Hierarchical Initiation
F. The Fourth Hierarchical Initiation - ARHAT
G. The Fifth Hierarchical Initiation -ADEPT
XIII. The Fiery Power of Shamballa A. Individualization of the Animal Man
B. The Atlantis Drama
C. The World War Crisis
D. The Energy Which Destroys Forms
E. The Purifying or Restructuring Energy of Norms - the Archetypal Law
F. The Organizing Energy: Issuing forth new Cycles of Activity
XIV. The Mystery of Human Speech A. The Original Sound of Creation
B. The OM Sound
C. The AUM Sound
D. Primal sounds
E. Essential Sound. Universal language.
XV. The Sevenfold Purpose of Shamballa A. Manifest Unity
B. Revelation
C. Creative Activity
D. Beauty and Harmony
E. Cyclic Manifestation
F. Divine Recognition
G. Organized Magic


These cross-reference and translation projects are still work in progress.