The NGWS and the Plan

The Beauty and Simplicity of the Heart
in the Implementation of the Plan


The spiral structure containing the hearing organ. Shaped like a snail's shell, this organ of the inner ear contains the organ of Corti, from which eighth nerve fibers send hearing signals to the brain.


I. Title: The Aquarian Group of World Servers  and the restoration of the Plan on Earth

II. Timeframe: 1975-2025

III. Perspective (initial focus): Internal (to serve as a reference map among conscious members of the AGWS)

IV. Outline of the proposed work:

0. Name: Aquarian Group of World Servers (a.k.a. "New" Group of World Servers)

1. Mission Statement:
[see: TSR II, Chapter III (Humanity Today), Section 2 (NGWS); excerpts below]

a. Will-to-good: externalization of the Hierarchy and the reappearance of the Christ

b. Goodwill: mold public opinion (DINA II, 231: "The task of the group of World Servers is not the spreading of esoteric or occult information.")

2. Historical background: 16th century Conclave ==> 1925 Conclave (NGWS as such)
[see: Treatise White Magic, Rule 10, NGSM; excerpts below]

3. Organization: outer organised observers, inner telepathic communicators, innermost Knowers.  TWM 604-09

"...the outer organisation which holds them integrated is practically non-existent. They are held together by the inner structure of thought and by a telepathic medium of inter-relation." TEV 1

"Knowers, Communicators, and Observers—all working in a close if oft-times unrealised unity, and all responsive (according to their degree) to the impulsion of the Mind and Will of the Logos, the solar Deity. TWM 609

"Later, when the needed adjustments are made and groups of disciples can work together without criticism or misunderstanding, then they can pass on to organised group work." DINA I, 73

4. Characteristics:

-synthetic, inclusive, intellectually developed, creative and loving;

-no creed except brotherhood;

-qualities to recognize: harmlessness, altruism, nonsectarianism;

-to serve as channels of relationships (interpreters), precipitating ideas into ideals to be used by the intellectuals to implement the Plan (New Order).

5. Group Motto: (see quote on symbol below)

a. Will-to-Good:  To the Glory of the One

"...goodwill is the "saving force" and an expression of the will-to-good which animates the New Group of World Servers." -DINA I, 784

b. Goodwill:  The greatest good of the greatest number

6. Membership requirements
: soul infused personalities; telepathic sensitivity; capacity for synthetic abstract thinking; meditation as a way of life; focus on human need

"... where there are three members of the New Group of World Servers found in any one exoteric group; it then becomes "linked by a [Page 197] triple thread of golden light" to the New Group of World Servers, and can in some measure be used. -TSR II

7. Sources of Strength

a. Will-to-good: Hierarchy (spiritual);

"...uniquely related to the Avatar of Synthesis." ROC 78

b. Goodwill: Men and Women of Goodwill (material resources)

8. Cycles: (Polaris #1023 )

a. 3 year cycles (combined into 9 and 27 year cycles)

April 2002 - March 2003: CRISIS/CONSOLIDATION
April 2003 - March 2004: TENSION/EXPANSION
April 2004 - March 2005: EMERGENCE/IMPACT

b. 7 year cycles (as in Dec 2005) ~ Capricorn (Makara)
    (Polaris #1205)


9. Activities: ==> major focus of the project

a. Will-to-good: externalization of the Hierarchy and the reappearance of the Christ; AGNI YOGA [1 , 23 ]

"... two aspects of spiritual work... "
TSR V, 110

b. Goodwill: mold public opinion along the seven rays of service: politics, education, philosophy, culture, science, religion, finances.

Ferguson's 1980 Aquarian Conspiracy.
2005 update  Aquarius Now :
A time to move : the new visionaries are revolutionaries with common sense -- Waking up in the dark : with the vision to dream -- The selves we travel with : the repertory company -- Challenge and the art of self-encouragement : the athlete -- Choosing to be intelligent : the hunter-gatherer and the scout -- Tuning in to the field : the dowser -- Kindling the flames of intuition : the firemaker -- The drive to discover : the artist scientist -- Finding the right engagement : the sacred warrior -- Creative responses to fear : the holy fool -- Liberty and the law of levity : the free spirit -- Remembering the future : the navigator -- Creating the future : regaining personal sovereignty.

V.  Exploration of Ken Wilber's model : assess its usefulness in the restoration of the Plan by the Aquarian Group of World Servers.

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VI.  Toward a General Foundation of Metaphysics: bridging Wilber's Model "from above"

Three Foundational Laws of any Universe:
i) the Law of Spiritual Synthesis,
ii) the Law of Material Efficiency, and
iii) the Law of Binding Love or Attraction.

In the same way that the Newtonian and thermodynamic laws of physics may be related to the Law of Material Efficiency, the Law of Evolution can be related to Graves's theory of Spiral Dynamics. Likewise, the Law of Synthesis can be related to Koestler's theory of holons. Both theories are main components of Wilber's inductively inferred "postmetaphysical" model for the evolution of matter and consciousness.


VII.  International Perspective:


    A. Planetary Centers and the Sixth Root Race (Polaris #933, 936, 955968, 982 , 1036 )

    B. The Plan and the Branches of the One Fundamental School (Polaris #983 )

    C. The Plan, Confucius and the Fourth Root Race (Polaris #985 )

    D.  The Geometry of Time [PNB: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

    E.  Living Ethics and Agni Yoga  (Polaris #1011 )

    F.  Teachings of the Christ (Polaris #1031, 1032 )


VIII.  The Heartbeat of the Plan


    A.  Centennial Councils

    B.  The New Plan of 1925

    C.  Three Results of the 1925 Conclave

    D.  The Stage of the Forerunner: 1975-2025

    E.  A Working Hypothesis...


MTR's compilation on "The Plan and Seven Ashram, by AAB-DK"

The Present Ray Plan and the Workers (1933-1935)

...the workers on all the rays are organized to take part in one supreme effort... The seventh and sixth rays are occupied with the work of government and with the task of producing a new synthesis, and thus the force of all the workers along those lines is combining with the energy of the first ray. The energies of the aspirants and disciples on the third and fifth rays are turned to the work of expanding the human consciousness, of bringing to light the hidden wonders of the universe, and of hastening the unfoldment of the latent powers in mankind.

You will note that so strenuous is the work of breaking down national group isolation and separativeness that it takes the united energies of three groups of workers to bring about the desired results. The seven groups of workers are organized therefore as follows:

1. In the department of politics - First, sixth and seventh rays.
2. In the department of religion - Second and fourth rays.
3. In the department of education - Third and fifth rays.

Disciples and aspirants working in the field of organization, and the mass of idealists, were organized in this work, and the seventh and sixth ray workers were brought into line. The groups therefore ranged themselves into one group in this endeavor. It was also determined to demonstrate the need for economic synthesis, as part of the work of relating the nations to each other...



"The great need at this time is for experts in the life of the soul and for a group of men and women who, undertaking the great experiment and transition, add their testimony to the truth of the statements of the mystics and occultists of the ages."  TWM 41


NGWS symbol

Recognition of the successful work of the New Group of World Servers will be accorded by the Hierarchy, and the testimony of the recognition will be the appearing of a symbol in the aura of the group—of the entire group. This will be a symbol projected by the Hierarchy, specifically by the Christ. What that symbol will be it is not for me to say. It is not yet fully earned, and only its dim and uncertain outline can be seen from the level on which the Masters work, and not at all from the level on which the group itself works. It is "the mark of a Saviour" and it will embody the mark or indication (the signature as medieval occultists used to call it) of a new type of salvation or salvage. Up till now the mark of the Saviour has been the Cross, and the quality of the salvation offered has been freedom from substance [Page 234] or the lure of matter and from its hold—a freedom only to be achieved at a great cost. The future holds within its silence other modes of saving humanity. The cup of sorrow and the agony of the Cross are well-nigh finished. Joy and strength will take their place. Instead of sorrow we shall have a joy which will work out in happiness and lead eventually to bliss. We shall have a strength which will know naught but victory and will not recognise disaster. Even the Black Lodge knew of this change in the mode of salvation, and hastily founded its groups of youths, banded together by the motto "joy through strength and strength through joy." It seems to be a law for group development to receive recognition from the side of evil, prior to that recognition coming from the good. But "after weeping cometh joy, and that joy cometh in the morning." Only the dawn is with us as yet—the dawn of the Aquarian Age. The full tide of light is inevitably moving upon its way towards us. TSR V, 233-34

NGWS Ruler

The group, therefore, which "serves as Aquarius indicates" is the Hierarchy; the group which is "speeded upon the upward Way" is the New Group of World Servers. This group is ruled by Taurus, and to it that divine Taurian energy brings "illumination and the attainment of the vision." This group is, figuratively speaking, the "bull, rushing forward upon a straight line with its one eye fixed upon the goal and beaming light." But what is that goal? It is not the goal of Self-illumination, for that lies far behind; it is the goal of providing a centre of light within the world of men and of holding up the vision to the sons of men. Let this never be forgotten, and let the New Group of [Page 233] World Servers realise its mission and recognise the demands of humanity upon it. What are these demands? Let me enumerate them, and then let me ask you to take them in all simplicity and act upon them.

1. To receive and transmit illumination from the kingdom of souls.

2. To receive inspiration from the Hierarchy and go forth, consequently, to inspire.

3. To hold the vision of the Plan before the eyes of men, for "where there is no vision, the people perish."

4. To act as an intermediate group between the Hierarchy and humanity, receiving light and power and then using both of these, under the inspiration of love, to build the new world of tomorrow.

5. To toil in Pisces, illumined by Taurus and responsive in degree to the Aquarian impulse coming from the Hierarchy.

These objectives are not only individual objectives, but the goal for the entire group. All who respond to the life-giving force of Aquarius and to the light-giving force of Taurus can and will work in the New Group of World Servers, even though they have no occult knowledge and have never heard of their co-workers under that name. Forget this not. TSR V 232-33

Ajna Center

The ajna centre of the Lord of the World is just beginning to express itself in a recognisable manner through the New Group of World Servers. This intermediate group—between the Hierarchy and Humanity—is a carrier of the energy which makes the Plan possible (the Plan of which the Hierarchy is the custodian). This Plan implements the Purpose, and later, when the New Group of World Servers is organised and is recognised as a living organism, it will definitely receive energy from Shamballa in a direct reception, via the Hierarchy. This information is, I realise, of little immediate importance to you, but—towards the end of the century—it will be found explanatory of much. TSR V, 368

TSR II, Chapter III (Humanity Today circa 1936), Section 2 (NGWS):

A. OBJECTIVES AND IDEALS. The immediate objectives of the Plan might be stated as follows:

1. To raise the level of the human consciousness so that intelligent [Page 653] thinking men and women will be consciously in touch with the world of ideas and the realm of intuitive perception. This means that they will be oriented towards reality.

2. The second objective of Those who are working out the Plan is the clarifying of the international situation.

3. The third objective is the growth of the group idea with a consequent general emphasis upon group good, group understanding, group inter-relation, and group good will. These are the ideals of that subjective group, working on the physical plane, which we call the New Group of World Servers.

B. IMMEDIATE LINES OF ACTIVITY AND TECHNIQUES hold the inner clarity of vision and the inner subjective relationships and, at the same time, pursue the work in the world with united, intelligent effort and with success.

The group is an organism, not an organisation. Its work is the educating of the human being and the expanding of the human consciousness, so that the newer and truer ideas may be grasped. Its function is the spreading of the message of international good will and religious unity. The members of the New Group of World servers are primarily interpreters. The outer organisation is of importance in so far as it leads to the skillful use of opportunity and money, but the organisation is again only a means to an end. The organisation of the New Group of World Servers is not possible. They must ever remain unorganised and unlabeled, free to work as they individually see fit. It is the organisation of the available resources to which we refer, so that the Plan may be promoted, the ideals become practical and the work be carried intelligently forward.


1. To produce a balancing of the forces present in the world today and responsible for the widespread unrest and chaos, so that it will be possible for the race to swing back to a point of equilibrium.

2. To act as the interpreters of the new attitudes and the new activities which must eventually govern men in the coming New Age. The second function of the New Group of World Servers is to interpret the ideals and objectives which should govern the race and to familiarise the public with the immediate possibilities.
They are:—

a. The fact of an intelligent, unfolding Plan which underlies the entire evolutionary process of the world, and which history and the growth of human consciousness demonstrate infallibly.

b. The fact of immortality, or of life which persists when divorced from the body.

3. To bring about the eventual synthesis and unification of the men of good will and of understanding into one coherent body. The many who are working in isolated fashion in the various fields of human endeavour (political, religious, scientific and economic), must be brought into touch with each other, and thus made to realise their essential unity. The third function of the New Group of World Servers is to gather together into one loosely knit group, the men and women of good will throughout the world.

Steadily and quietly, with no sense of hurry, must they do three things:—

First, they must discover each other and be in touch with each other. Thus the sense of weakness and of futility will be offset. This is the first duty and task of the New Group of World Servers.

Secondly, they must clarify and elucidate those basic principles of right living, good will and harmony, which are recognised, but not applied, by all right thinking [Page 673] people today. These principles must be formulated in the simplest terms and made practical in action.

Thirdly, the general public must be educated in these principles.


The men and women of good will who are willing to listen, to consider and to work, must be found and contacted in every country. These men and women of good will should be subjected to an intensive training. This should be carried forward through printed pamphlets, personal contact, and correspondence; through lectures and discussions and eventually, if possible, through the medium of some periodical which will literally be the organ of the New Group of World Servers. It will carry information as to the activities which foster good [Page 680] will, international understanding, world education and scientific achievement.

At the end of that period there should be enough people in the world who are alive to these principles and to the opportunity, so that they can begin to make a definite impact upon the public consciousness. In this way the contacting of the true intelligentsia of the world will proceed with increased rapidity. The education of these thinkers should be carried on by the World Servers in conformity with the following rules:—

1. No word must be spoken or written which could be construed as evidencing partisanship, or as an attack upon any ruler, any form of government, or any national activity. "Hatred ceaseth not by hatred; hatred ceaseth by love."

2. Nothing must be published in any pamphlet, newspaper, circular or letter which could evoke antagonism from any government, any political party, any economic strategist, or any religious organisation. Only principles of universal application must be expressed, and no partisanship is permitted.

3. No race or nation must be regarded (either in the spoken or written word) as of greater importance essentially than any other race or nation. Humanity as a whole must be emphasised. Yet those who think otherwise than this must not be subjected to attack. Racial hatreds, religious differences, and national ambitions are to be ignored by this balancing third group, the New Group of World Servers.

4. Members of the New Group of World Servers are never to identify themselves with any political, religious or social propaganda. Such propaganda is separative in its effects, [Page 681] and breeds divisions and hatreds.

5. Units of Service in all nations must be built up steadily. A number of such units already exists. Their objectives are as follows:—

a. To educate the people in their nation in service, in kindly effort, and in non-aggressive action. A positive harmlessness will be inculcated, which in no way negates intense, intelligent activity, and the propagation of those ideals which lead to mutual understanding, and eventually to unity, peace and plenty.

b. To provide in every country and eventually in every city, a central bureau where information will be available concerning the activities of men and women of good will all over the world, and of those organisations and groups and parties who are working along the lines of international understanding, mutual cooperation, religious unity, and economic interdependence. Thus, many will find those who will cooperate with them in their particular endeavour to promote world peace. What is being accomplished along these [Page 682] lines in the world today can thus be synthesised and studied.

c. To bring together the members of the New Group of World Servers and those associated with them through similarity of ideas and vision, so that in every country and major city the World Servers can find those whose aims are the same as theirs and who are pledged to the same service and activity. The same language of brotherhood and kindness will be taught, and thus mutual confidence and a spirit of optimism will be promoted.

d. To list and investigate the work and the ideals of all groups which purport to have an international program which tends to heal world differences and national quarrels, to work for a better understanding between the races, and to harmonise religious distinctions and class wars. A study will be made of their techniques and modes of work. When such groups are found to be coloured with aims that are truly spiritual and harmonising, when they are true healers of differences and under the guidance of men of good will, cooperation will be offered. Such groups now exist.

6. No secrecy must ever be permitted in the work of the New Group of World Servers. Secret societies are organisations ever open to attack and suspicion. The New Group has nothing to hide, and their files and methods of work must ever be open to investigation. The Secret Services and Intelligences of any country must find all literature and information easily available. No secret lists must be kept. Members of the New Group of World Servers must be encouraged to seek out those in high places in government circles and church, and enlighten them as to the objectives of the Group.


... the Buddha focusses in Himself the downpouring forces, whilst the Christ focusses in Himself the outgoing demand and the spiritual aspiration of the entire planet. This makes a planetary alignment of great potency. Should the needed work be accomplished at the Wesak Festivals, the needed adjustments in the world can be made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands of the New Group of World Servers.

This is a scientific programme of work with which I have presented you. It is more than organised aspirational longing on the part of a large group of people. It is a strenuous mental endeavour, and involves the working with certain laws of the spiritual realm which are only just in process of becoming known.

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The New Group of World Servers ("My Work" Appendix by DK in AAB UA, August 1943)

Another phase of my work came into existence about ten years ago when I started to write certain pamphlets for the general public, calling attention to the world situation and to the New Group of World Servers. I thus endeavoured to anchor on earth (if I may use such a phrase) an externalisation or a symbol of the work of the Hierarchy. It was an effort to band together subjectively and—where [Page 251] possible—objectively all those people of spiritual purpose and a deep love of humanity who were actively working in many countries, either in organisations or alone. Their name is legion. Some few are known to the workers in the Arcane School and to F.B. and A.A.B. Thousands are known to me but not to them. All are working under the inspiration of the Hierarchy and are, either consciously or unconsciously, fulfilling the duties of agents of the Masters. Together they form a band, closely knit on the inner side by spiritual intention and love. Some are occultists, working in the various occult groups; some are mystics, working with vision and love; others belong to the orthodox religions and some recognise no spiritual affiliations, so-called, at all. All are, however, animated by a sense of responsibility for human welfare and have interiorly pledged themselves to help their fellowmen. This great group constitutes the world Saviour at this time and will salvage the world and inaugurate the new era after the war. The pamphlets which I wrote (the first of which is now called The Next Three Years*) indicated their plans and purposes: and made suggestions as to modes and methods of cooperation with this group of World Servers, already in existence and active in many fields.

Those whom the New Group of World Servers influence and with whom they seek to work and who can act as their agents, we call the men and women of goodwill. I made an effort to reach these people in 1936 when there was a faint possibility that the war might even at that late hour be averted. Many will remember that campaign and its relative success. Millions were reached by means of the spoken and written word and by the radio but there were not enough people spiritually interested to take the needed steps to stem the tide of hate, evil and aggression which threatened to engulf the world. The war broke out in 1939 in spite of all the efforts of the Hierarchy and Their workers, and the goodwill work fell naturally into abeyance. That part of the work in which members of the Arcane School had sought to serve and which had resulted in the forming of nineteen centres for service in as many countries had temporarily to be dropped—but only temporarily, my brothers, for goodwill is the "saving force" and an expression of the will-to-good which animates the New Group of World Servers.

I would emphasise that this work of anchoring the New Group of World Servers and organising the goodwill work has nothing [Page 252] whatsoever to do with the Arcane School except in so far that members in the school were given the opportunity to help in the movement. They were left entirely free to do so or not as they chose and a very large percentage ignored the effort altogether, thus demonstrating the freedom which they felt and had been taught. AAB, UA (Appendix by DK: My Work) 250-52

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NGWS - Rule 10: Treatise White Magic

About the year 1400, the Hierarchy of Masters was faced with a difficult situation. The activity of the first ray had brought about an intense differentiation and crystallisation among the nations and governments of the world. As far as the work of the second ray was concerned (which had to do with the impartation of spiritual truth) there had come to be what I might call a complete exteriorisation of that truth... the Elder Brothers of the race called a conclave of all departments about the year 1500 A.D.

What is this plan? When I speak of the plan I do not mean such a general one as the plan of evolution or the plan for humanity which we call by the somewhat unmeaning term of soul unfoldment. These two aspects of the scheme for our planet are taken for granted, and are but modes, processes and means to a specific end. The plan as at present sensed, and for which the Masters are steadily working, might be defined as follows:—It is the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time. It will make available to every man all past achievements and knowledges, it will reveal to man the true significance of his mind and brain and make him the master of that equipment and will make him therefore omnipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience. This next development of the plan will produce in man an understanding [Page 404] —intelligent and cooperative—of the divine purpose for which the One in Whom we live and move and have our being has deemed it wise to submit to incarnation. Think not that I can tell of the plan as it truly is. It is not possible for any man, below the grade of initiate of the third degree, to glimpse it and far less understand it. The development of the mechanism whereby a disciple may be en rapport with Those responsible for the working out of the plans, and the capacity to know (and not just dimly sense) that tiny aspect of the whole which is the immediate step ahead and with which cooperation is possible, that can be achieved by all disciples and should be held as the goal before all aspirants. With the exception of probationary disciples who are not as yet sufficiently stable in their endeavour, all can therefore strive towards achieving continuity of consciousness and at awakening that inner light which, when seen and intelligently used, will serve to reveal other aspects of the Plan and specially that one to which the illumined knower can respond and usefully serve.

To bring this about has been the objective of all training given during the past 400 years... Hence, during the past three centuries, group after group has appeared and played its part, and we today reap the benefit of their accomplishment. Under the cultural group for instance we find emerging the poets of the Elizabethan age, and the musicians of Germany and of the Victorian era. Groups of artists are likewise to be found, giving us the famous schools which are the glory of Europe. Two famous groups, one cultural and the other political, also played their parts, the one producing the Renaissance and the other bringing about the French Revolution. The effects of their work are still [Page 409] to be felt, for the modern humanistic movement with its emphasis upon the past which is completed in the present, and its search for the roots of man's equipment in the earlier trends, harks back to the Renaissance. Revolution and the determination to fight for the divine rights of man find their prime inaugurating influence and impetus in the revolution in France. Revolt, the formation of political parties, the class warfare which is so rampant today and the splitting of every country into warring political groups, though sporadic always, have become universal during the past two hundred years, and are all the results of the group activity started by the Masters. TWM 403-04

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Will-to-Good and Goodwill [JB:==> the two Wings of the AGWS ]

The will aspect of divinity can find expression only through humanity, for the fourth kingdom in nature is intended to be the agent of the will to the three subhuman [Page 110] kingdoms. It was therefore essential that the spirit of inclusiveness and the tendency to spiritual identification should be developed in humanity as a step preparatory to the development of response to divine purpose. It is absolutely essential that the will-to-good be unfolded by the disciples of the world so that goodwill can be expressed by the rank and file of mankind. The will-to-good of the world knowers is the magnetic seed of the future. The will-to-good is the Father aspect, whilst goodwill is the Mother aspect, and from the relation of these two the new civilisation, based on sound spiritual (but utterly different) lines, can be founded. I would commend this thought to your consciousness, for it means that two aspects of spiritual work must be nurtured in the immediate future, for on them the more distant hope of happiness and of world peace depends. The New Group of World Servers must be reached and the will-to-good developed in them, and the masses simultaneously must be reached with the message of goodwill. The will-to-good is dynamic, powerful and effective; it is based on realisation of the plan and on reaction to the purpose as sensed by those who are either initiate, and consciously in touch with Shamballa, or disciples who are likewise a part of the Hierarchy but are not yet able to contact the central Purpose or Life. Not yet having taken the third initiation, the monadic vibration is to them largely unknown. It would be just as dangerous for them to be able to reach Shamballa (prior to the third initiation when all personality tendencies are obliterated) as it would be to teach the masses of men today techniques of will which would render their still selfish will effective. The main difficulty would be that the disciples would destroy themselves, whilst the ordinary man would damage himself. TSR V, 109-110

The relation of group meditation to the work of the New Group of World Servers, and the necessity of establishing in the world a united world group, given to unanimous and simultaneous meditation upon the work of preparing the world for the new order and for the jurisdiction of the Christ: 

1. The Law of Right Human Relations. [JB:==> outer layer of a threefold holonic onionskin?]
2. The Principle of Goodwill.

3. The Law of Group Endeavour.
4. The Principle of Unanimity. [JB:==> Will-to-Good? ]

5. The Law of Spiritual Approach.
6. The Principle of Essential Divinity. [JB:==> Will-to-Be? ~ Wilber's Spirit-in-Itself/Eros?]
-DNA II, 237


The source of the good lies not in anything outside the human subject, either in nature or given by God, but rather only in a good will. A good will is one that acts in accordance with universal moral laws that the autonomous human being freely gives itself. These laws obligate her or him to treat other human beings as ends rather than as means to an end.

A categorical imperative is an unconditional obligation; that is, it has the force of an obligation regardless of our will or desires. Kant's categorical imperative was formulated in three ways:

* The first formulation (Formula of Universal Law) says: "Act as if the maxim of thy action were to become by thy will a universal law of nature."

* The second formulation (Formula of Humanity) says: "Act that you use humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, always at the same time as an end, never merely as a means."

* The third formulation (Formula of Autonomy) is a synthesis of the first two. It says that we should so act that we may think of ourselves as legislating universal laws through our maxims. We may think of ourselves as such autonomous legislators only insofar as we follow our own laws.


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AAB-DK: Quotes on NGSM, will-to-good and goodwill

... the New Group of World Servers is a far larger group than just the few known to you. Today (1946) its numbers are several million. EOH 556

Goodwill is the "saving force" and an expression of the will-to-good which animates the New Group of World Servers. DINA I, 784

The function of the New Group of World Servers is dynamically to "force" the energy of the will-to-good into the world; the average man and woman, responding unconsciously, will express goodwill. DINA II, 38

...the spreading of world goodwill, the discovery of the men and women of goodwill throughout the world, and the endeavour to teach the meaning of the will-to-good. This is the main task of [Page 178] the New Group of World Servers. -EOH

Esoterically speaking, the work of the Hierarchy is to focus the divine will-to-good as it affects humanity. The work of spiritually minded men is to evoke that will-to-good on earth through as full an expression as possible of goodwill. It is the goodwill of the masses, focussed everywhere through the United Nations who are fighting for the liberation of mankind and through the New Group of World Servers, which is sufficient to invoke the will-to-good and only this is adequate. This is an important statement and one on which I would ask you to ponder. EOH 396

...a new realisation and accomplishment of the will-to-good by the New Group of World Servers, under the receptive guidance of the world disciples and a responsive activity of the men and women of goodwill. EOH 439

The will-to-organise will further a building process which will be carried forward under the direct inspiration of the Hierarchy. The medium will be the potency of the will-to-good of the New Group of World Servers and the responsive goodwill of mankind. EOH 441

An effort also will be made to relate Shamballa, "the Centre where the Will of God is known," directly to the New Group of World Servers, via those Ashrams which are working along the lines of outer, practical goodwill. The reception of this energising will-to-good should produce a definite "stepping-up" or increase of goodwill and enable the Goodwill movement to proceed with greater momentum... EOH 555

He (the Christ) will again appear and guide mankind into a civilisation and a state of consciousness in which right human relations and worldwide cooperation for the good of all will be the universal keynote. He will—through the New Group of World Servers and the men of goodwill—complete His association with the Will of God (His Father's business) in such a manner that the eternal will-to-good will be translated by humanity into goodwill and right relations. EOH 609

In this decade of my work, two major activities were inaugurated: the creation of the Triangles and the formation of Men of Goodwill, and these are just on the verge of a major creative activity. They constitute an effort to energise and relate members and adherents of the New Group of World Servers (and particularly in the organisation of men of goodwill), to find and mobilise the groups formed by the New Group of World Servers throughout the world, so as to bring added strength to all of them by swinging into a massed effort men of prayer, men of good intention, and those who believe in the divine will-to-good, plus those who implement it through love—no matter what they mean by that vague term. Thus a nucleus of a great synthesis was brought about in this second decade, and it will have lasting effects upon human living and design. Owing to planetary frustration and the enhanced activity of the Forces of Evil, the work of the Triangles and of the men of goodwill has been more slowly formulated than had been originally expected, but this has been through no fault of theirs; this period of frustration will be over before very long and a greatly increased momentum will be the result. For this increased response upon the part of the public, you should now lay your plans. EOH 634

His (Avatar of Synthesis) activity is necessarily a mass activity, for He can only channel His energies through the mass consciousness or through a group conscious entity, such as the Hierarchy, the United Nations or Humanity. The focal point of His effort and the Agent through which distribution of His energy can be made is the New Group of World Servers; [Page 78] this group is uniquely related to this Avatar of Synthesis. The bringing together of all the agents of goodwill (who are responsive to the energy of the divine will-to-good) constitutes the major objective of the New Group of World Servers and always has been. Their work can now be constructively and creatively intensified through the association of the Avatar of Synthesis with the Christ. Their task is to usher in the New Age; in that New Age, the five Kingdoms in Nature will begin to function as one creative whole. Their work falls into the following parts, functions or activities:

a. The production of a human synthesis or unity which will lead to an universal recognition of the one humanity, brought about through right human relations.

b. The establishing of right relations with the subhuman kingdoms in nature, leading to the universal recognition that there is One World.

c. The anchoring of the Kingdom of God, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, in open expression on Earth, thus leading to the universal recognition that the sons of men are one.

These objectives the Avatar of Synthesis will foster and aid and for this purpose He has associated Himself with the Christ, working through the Hierarchy, under instruction from the "centre where the will of God is known." ROC 77-78

Now, in the future, the consciousness aspect of Deity will continue to perfect the forms in the fourth kingdom in nature through the instrumentality [Page 254] of those whose consciousness is that of the fifth kingdom. This is the task of the Hierarchy of Masters. This is the delegated task of the New Group of World Servers who, upon the physical plane, can become the instrument of Their will. Through this group, the inner divine qualities of good will, peace and love can increase and express themselves through human beings, functioning in the forms of the fourth kingdom. TSR II, 253-54

Their (NGWS) work is to facilitate the entrance of soul energy, which energy expresses itself in love and in good will. This in its turn results in peace—individual, racial and planetary—and the great group aspect of the approach will be brought about, and is today in process of being carried forward. TSR II, 271

...their (NGWS) programme is founded upon good will, because it is a basic human characteristic. They are therefore organising the men of good will throughout the world at this time, outlining to them a definite programme, and laying down a platform upon which all men of good will can meet. TSR II, 637

The strength of the New Group of World Servers lies in three factors:—

1. They occupy a midway position between the masses of men and the inner subjective world government.
2. They draw their membership (if such an inadequate word can be used) from all classes,—the aristocracy, the intelligentsia, the bourgeoisie, higher and lower, and the upper layer of the proletariat. They are therefore truly representative.
3. They are closely interrelated, and in constant contact and rapport with each other, through unity of objective, [Page 639] definiteness of method, and uniformity in technique and good will. TSR II, 638-39

This spirit of good will is present in millions, and it evokes a sense of responsibility. This is the first indication in the race that man is divine. It is upon this steadily growing good will that the New Group of World Servers is counting, and which it is their intention to utilise. TSR II, 642

The members of the New Group of World Servers are not, however, a band of impractical mystics. They know exactly what they seek to do, and their plans are laid in such a manner that—without upsetting any existing situation—they are discovering and bringing together the men of good will all over the world. Their united demand is that these men of good will should stand together in complete understanding and thus constitute a slowly growing body of people whose interest is shown on behalf of humanity and not primarily on behalf of their own immediate environment. TSR II, 643

...the New Group of World Servers is not an organization. It has no headquarters, but only units of service throughout the world; it has no president or lists of officers; it has only servers in every country, who are occupied simply with the task of discovering the men of good will. This is the immediate task. These men of good will must be found and trained in the doctrine of non-separateness, and educated in the principles of cooperation and the characteristics of the new social order, which is essentially a subjective re-alignment, resulting in pronounced changes brought about through the weight of a world opinion, based on a good will which knows no national or racial barriers or religious differences. Year by year there should develop much active work and much dissemination of the teachings upon universal good will, so that it changes from a beautiful sentiment and becomes the [Page 645] practical application of good will by action in the affairs of every day life, in every country throughout the world. TSR II, 644

The education of the men and women of good will will be in relation to the expression of a practical loving understanding. The New Group of World Servers will know who these citizens of the kingdom are and where they are to be found. TSR II, 645

The New Group of World Servers should therefore organise [Page 646] for itself a programme covering this period, under the direction of Those who watch, on the inner, spiritual side of life. This programme must have three objectives:—

1. To discover, educate and blend together the men of good will, demonstrating to them the fact that in every country in the world, without exception, much is being done along the lines of

a. International understanding and the brotherhood of nations.

b. The betterment of human conditions by groups, churches and organisations, working along the new lines, without hatred, eliminating attack on groups or persons and the expressing of a partisan spirit,

c. Religious unity and spiritual unfoldment within and without the churches,

d. Educational activity, carried forward along lines of non-separativeness and broad inclusiveness.

This can be done through the instrumentality of a new magazine which will be the organ of the men of good will.

2. To prepare the men of good will for a repetition upon a far larger scale of the "act of appeal" which took place on May 6th, 1936. Then the Great Invocation was used by millions, and of its effectiveness there can be no doubt. It greatly strengthened the hands of the Hierarchy and established a "channel of contact" which can never again be broken. Greater similar efforts can be launched during the next few years and they will embody the next great spiritual effort and expression of the men of good will for which the intermediate period is a preparation. It is desirable that there should be, if possible, a far [Page 647] wider use of the radio, so that sequentially and following the journey of the sun, there may go forth over the air this appeal to God at the time of the full moon. The day of appeal will be the expression of the spiritual attitude of humanity and will lead to a subjective spiritual synthesis between the men of good will and the New Group of World Servers and the inner spiritual Hierarchy which is working to bring about the manifestation of the new order on earth, to inaugurate the New Age, and to materialise the kingdom of God on the physical plane.

To this future day of appeal or world prayer much thought and preparation should be given, so that the results achieved can be even more definite and potent than in the first quite successful attempt. Prayer or appeal is either a potent way of setting certain great forces in motion or it is not. The testimony of the ages is in favour of its efficacy along these lines.

3. To hold before humanity, as part of the living instruction which the men of good will will teach and live out in their daily lives, the necessity of a great group participation in a Day of Forgiveness and of Forgetting. This may be possible in a few years' time, but could be effectively tried in 1942. This is a forgiveness which is based upon a recognition of the universality of human error in the past, and the fact that there is no blame to be apportioned to this or that group, nation or church, but that we have all made mistakes, have all failed to understand, and have all been guilty of lack of love and of tolerance. It is not, therefore, a forgiveness which is based on a spirit of magnanimity or a sense of expediency or superiority, but upon a desire to forget the past, and to push [Page 648] forward into the New Age and participate in the new social order, free from the ancient hatreds, relinquishing the memory of the old mistakes in policy, judgment and method, and ignoring the habitual barriers and our normal separative instincts.

This is the triple programme to which the New Group of World Servers is pledged and in which we are urged to participate (written before 1939). To this endeavour they will in their turn call the men of good will. They have no other programme or intention.

Loosely knit together by mutual understanding and similarity of objective, the members of the New Group of World Servers stand, whether they are conscious or unconscious of each other or the group, as it is here described. In every country they are found and actively are working. Through them the men of good will are being discovered. Their names and addresses are being noted and collected into mailing lists. Their capacity, whatever it may be, to serve their fellow men, will be also noted when possible and utilised, if desired. Thus through the men of good will everywhere, the principle of good will can be nurtured and developed in every country, and eventually turned to practical use. These people will constitute a new body of practical thinkers in every nation, who will be no menace to any government, nor will they work against the established order. They will throw themselves into those movements and undertake those activities which can in no way foster hatred, spread enmity, or cause division among their fellow men. To this group, no government or church can object. TSR II, 645-48

The New Group of World Servers seeks to help in the restoration of World balance and peace through the activity-coordinated, definite, and applied—of this emerging group of people, who can constitute a third group or "middle party" (to borrow a phrase from the field of politics) between those who are fighting for, and those who are fighting against, any group, religious organisation, political affiliation or form of government. TSR II, 676

One of the main functions of the New Group of World Servers is to bring about these changed attitudes, to foster the growth of a true public opinion through the education of the thinking people in the principles of good will and right relations. They in their turn will educate the masses. Thus it will be possible to profit by the emerging tendency towards righteousness and good will which is today most definitely present, even if weak and as yet but little realised. TSR II, 677

The New Group of World Servers, composed at this time (1936-1939) of all those sensitive and consecrated servers of the race whose objective is world peace, who aim at the establishing of good will on earth as the basis for future living and world expansion. Originally, this group was composed of a handful of accepted disciples and consecrated aspirants. Its ranks have been opened during the past ten months to all those men of good will who are working actively for real understanding, who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the helping of humanity, and who see no separating bar of any kind, but feel alike to the men of all races, nationalities and religions. TSR II, 690

The workers on the inner side and the disciples who are responsible for the working out of the Plan have made great efforts to reach and stimulate the New Group of World Servers. They have been successful. Such success is in no way dependent upon any recognition of the Hierarchy on the part of the Servers. Where that exists it is a help, but it is dependent upon receptivity to spiritual impression, which means responsiveness to the new ideas which are expressive of the spirit of fusion, of synthesis, of understanding, and of cooperative good will. Look out for such people and work with them. Do not hold the prevalent attitude that they must work with you. It is for us, who perhaps know a little bit [Page 747] more about the Plan than they do, to do the moving forward. It is for us to evidence intelligent understanding and to set the needed example by submerging our own ideas and personal desires in the good of the whole. TSR II, 746-47

For the members of the New Group of World Servers and for the men and Women of good will, the Hierarchy of spiritual Leaders have laid down the following rules:

1. That they must aim at achieving peaceful relationships with, and harmonious acquiescence in, as well as cooperation with the government or state to which they owe allegiance or loyalty. This does not mean endorsing all policies and lines of activity undertaken by such governments but it does mean the refraining from all that could cause difficulty. There is always scope for much constructive [Page 748] activity within any governmental policy or regime and it is to these constructive and peaceful enterprises that the servers of the Great Ones and of humanity will direct their attention.

2. They must refrain from all interference in the affairs of any political or religious group.

3. They must endeavour to express practical good will in the environment where their lot may be cast.

4. They must strive after harmlessness in speech and in life in relation to their family, community, nation or group of nations. This means a consistent policy of non-attack. No leader or nation or race must be attacked or defamed.

This is a matter of practical import and is not at all an easy thing to attain. It lays the foundation for the rapid formation and definite emergences of the New Group of World Servers, and for the discovery and organising of the men of good will throughout the world, wherever they may be found. The spiritual Hierarchy cannot work through people whose tongues are critical, whose ideas and attitudes are separative and who are violently partisan in their beliefs and comments. This is a statement of fact. I seek to have you train yourselves in such right activity, beginning with your own lives and your personal expression in the world. TSR II, 747-48

As regards the required united work, I can but indicate the following lines of activity, and it is for you to follow them, if you will, or make it possible for others to do so:

1. Discover the men and women of good will. These you will not recognise if you are full of racial, national or religious prejudice.

2. Put these people in touch with the Units of Service in the countries where they live.

[Page 749]
3. Educate them in the following ideas:

a. The principles of good will and the medium and methods of their true expression in the daily life.

b. The necessity of their being active and practical and consistent workers in the spread of good will in the world.

c. The usefulness of building up live mailing lists (I think you call it) of those who see life from the angle of the spiritual values and who seek to build for the future.

4. The authorities of any and every nation should be kept in touch with your activities, so that they are aware of all that you are seeking to do and can, therefore, realise that there is nothing subversive in the planned activities, and nothing that has in it the seeds of trouble for any ruler or national government.

5. Keep constantly in touch with the Units of Service and use care in choosing those who represent the work you have all undertaken.

6. Let the meditation groups be carefully handled and have about them nothing that could be regarded as secret or might bring them under suspicion of being secret organisations. This they are not. This non-secrecy must be emphasised in connection with all the work.

7. As far as the use of the press and the radio is concerned, go forward as actively and earnestly as possible in preparation for the work planned in 1942 and its great united effort. Upon these two lay the emphasis, for by them the majority of human beings are reached.

8. Let each Wesak Full Moon be a period of intensive effort preceded by personal preparation and purification and lay the force of the emphasis upon:

[Page 750]
a. The producing of sensitivity to the inner spiritual impression, emanating from the Hierarchy and the Group.

b. The achieving of an intelligent appreciation of the steps to he taken during the coming twelve months, and the laying of careful plans so that they may indeed materialise.

c. The correct distribution of your time and resources so that you do become an active worker in the cause of good will.

d. The effort to cooperate with all that is being done along these lines, which entails the discovery of all groups and persons working with similar objectives.

e. The submergence of your temporary interests in the good of the whole and through love of humanity.

I will say no more at this time. I have sought to indicate that which should be possible. If my suggestions are followed, and if the work is carried forward diligently, there is every indication that the work of the Hierarchy and of the Christ will be tremendously expedited. The need and the opportunity call for right understanding, and they demand also a joyful cooperation and the sacrifice of yourselves and of your time and money, in the attempt to make our work possible.

I make no further appeal for your help. I have been endeavoring to educate you in the new ideals and in the work of the New Group of World Servers. The responsibility for right action and for the effort to reach the public rests upon the aspirants and disciples of the world who read my words. There is nothing that I, personally can do. It is your time (and all of you, without exception, can give some) for which Christ and humanity are today calling. It is your activity and skill in reaching those you can reach for which we make [Page 751] demand. It is your money that is needed to enable us to reach the interested public. It is your meditation and intense inner cooperation which will construct that channel through which the spirit of peace can work and the forces of Light enter. The Hierarchy waits. It has done all that is possible from the angle of Its opportunity. The Christ stands in patient silence, attentive to the effort that will make His work materialise on earth and enable Him to consummate the effort He made 2000 years ago in Palestine. The Buddha hovers over the planet, ready to play His part if the opportunity is offered to Him by mankind. I beg you to note what I here have said. Everything now depends upon the right action of the men of good will. TSR II, 748-52

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Let me tell you this—this group now in process of becoming, will in time develop its own "yoga" and school of training which will gradually supersede that of the raja yoga and bhakti yoga schools. The method of training will only be given to those who have trained the mind and learnt to control the emotions. Hence the key to what is now going on. The mode of training will be no easy short cut to the goal. Only the intelligent can attain it and only coordinated personalities will be eligible to the teaching. The keynote of the new yoga will be synthesis; its objective will be conscious development of the intuitive faculty. This development will fall into two categories: first, the development of the intuition and of true spiritual perception, and secondly, the trained utilisation of the mind as an interpreting agent.  -TWM 429

La Mente expectante y el Corazón sereno,
en perfecta adaptación al Presente eterno.

[An expecting Mind and a serene Heart,
perfectly adapted to the eternal Present]

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