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VI.  Toward a General Foundation of Metaphysics: bridging Wilber's Model "from above."

Philosophy, or the "love of wisdom," may be conceived as consisting of three main activities of the mind:

i) Metaphysical: Ontology
ii) Theoretical: Logic, Epistemology
iii) Practical: Ethics, Esthetics.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the study of "first principles" and "being." Because metaphysics is beyond physical observation, most consider it a speculative discipline.

Metaphysics can be inferred inductively (e.g., Ken Wilber's approach). Metaphysics can also be derived deductively (i.e., Esoteric approach). The former's scope is inherently reduced by rules of evidence confined to the ordinary states of consciousness; the latter relies on extraordinary psychic powers of perception present in expanded states of consciousness.

Therefore, the very definition of metaphysics hinges on the rules of evidence accepted by the inquirer, and by the acceptance, or not, of the Fundamental Law of the Evolution, itself a metaphysical Law, self-evident for some.

Metaphysics, as deductively derived by the Esoteric approach, declares that everything comes into existence from an unthinkable, unmanifested, unbounded, infinite and All-inclusive state of Being and Non-Being, which the Eastern tradition associates with the Zero.

Existence in any manifested Uni-verse (the One), macrocosmic or microcosmic, is founded on three Basic Creative Principles: Projection, Reception and Conception. All major religions adopt this Basic Triad of Existence as Father (Spirit), Mother (Matter) and Son (Soul or Consciousness). The theory of the three primary colors of light is also related these basic principle of existence.

The Basic Triad of Existence is also reflected in the three Foundational Laws of any Universe:

i) the Law of Spiritual Synthesis,
ii) the Law of Material Efficiency, and
iii) the Law of Binding Love or Attraction.

These Three Foundational Laws unfold sequentially under the Fundamental Law of the Evolution in any Universe. First, the Law of Material Efficiency operates. The conservation laws of physics, as well as Newton's laws of motion and the laws of thermodynamics, are a good reflection of this Law.

Second, the Law of Attraction, binding together atoms and solar systems, as reflected in gravitation, electromagnetism and the nuclear forces. The operation of this second Law produced the attraction of Spirit and Matter, conceiving the Son of Mind, or Consciousness Principle. Thus, the Law of Material Evolution is also related to the Law of the Evolution of Consciousness.

Third, the Law of Synthesis, as reflected in the equation relating matter and energy (E=M*C2), begins to operate to transfigure matter into spiritual energy, as reflected in the phenomena of radioactivity, a prelude to the return to the Source, the Zero.

In the same way that the Newtonian and thermodynamic laws of physics may be related to the Law of Material Efficiency, the Law of Evolution can be related to Graves theory of Spiral Dynamics. Likewise, the Law of Synthesis can be related to Koestler's theory of holons. Both theories are main components of Wilber's inductively inferred "postmetaphysical" model for the evolution of life, matter and consciousness.

Therefore, there is great consistency between the inductive approach followed by Wilber et al and the esoteric, deductive approach of the Ancient Wisdom tradition. However, to accept the esoteric approach a bridge needs to be built between the logic of orthodox epistemology and the trans-rational reliance on "maps" generated by extraordinary psychic powers of perception based on expanded states of consciousness, according to the Fundamental Law of Evolution.

One Witness, a Master of Wisdom, has mapped for us the Three Foundational Laws into three modern Principles and Laws for the Aquarian Age:

AAB-DK: "The New Group of World Servers' emphasis will be upon:

1. The Law of Right Human Relations.
2. The Principle of Goodwill.
3. The Law of Group Endeavour.
4. The Principle of Unanimity.
5. The Law of Spiritual Approach.
6. The Principle of Essential Divinity." -DINA II, 237

The Principle of Goodwill is related to the Law of Material Efficiency as it manifests the Law of Right Human Relations.

The Principle of Unanimity (integration into the One) is related to the Law of Binding Love or Attraction as it manifests the Law of Group Endeavor.

The Principle of Essential Divinity is related to the Law of Synthesis as it expresses the Law of Spiritual Approach.

In the Aquarian Age, this Law of Synthesis is also related to the new Yoga --Living Ethics or Agni Yoga--, as we ourselves become the "Path of Return" to the Source of all Being and Existence. Then would practical Philosophy become Ethics and restore the full meaning of the word philo-sophy --"Wisdom of Love"-- so necessary to complete the evolutionary Plan on Earth.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Metaphysics of Space and Motion: The Wave Structure of Matter


Twelve Fundamentals: Three Principles and Nine Laws

III. Fundamental Principle of Material Efficiency ("Economy" or Substance)
 * Law of Ideation (Archetypal Numbers)
 * Law of Correspondence (Hermetic "As Above, So Below")
 * Law of Vibration (Sound: Motion in Matter)

II. Fundamental Principle of Binding Love or Attraction
 * Law of Polarity
 * Law of Cause and Effect (Free Will)
 * Law of Involution and Evolution

I. Fundamental Principle of Spiritual Synthesis
*  Law of Essential Identity (Space: Holographic Monadism)
*  Law of Cycles or Periodicity (Time: Eternity)
*  Law of Sacrifice (Limitation) and Death (Radiation)


Seven (Cosmic) Corollaries:

1. Space-Time (Adi: Vibration, the atomic law of the solar system)
2. Life (Monadic: Cohesion)
3. Evolution (Atmic: Des-integer-ation)
4. Consciousness (Buddhic: Magnetic Control, governing the control of the personality by the spiritual nature, via the soul nature)
5. Sound (Mental: Fixation,  the mind controls and stabilises)
6. Color (Astral: Love, whereby the lower desire nature is transmuted)
7. Form (Physical: Sacrifice and Death)

These seven laws concern the form side of life. To these ten laws must be added the seven laws of the soul which we are here considering.

Adapted from TSR II, 152


The eighteen laws:—
a. The three major laws of the universe,
b. The seven minor laws of the solar system,
c. The seven basic laws of the soul, plus what we might call the great law of Deity Itself, the law of God's synthetic purpose. -TSR II, 153


Ten Basic Propositions (Polaris #1074):

1. There is one Life.
2. There are seven Rays.
3. Life-Quality-Appearance constitute Existence.
4. The seven Rays are the seven creative Forces.
5. The Rays manifest through the seven Planets.
6. Every Human Being is on one of the Rays.
7. There are one Monad, seven Rays and myriads of Forms.
8. The Laws of Evolution embody the Life Purpose of the seven Rays.
9. Man develops through Self-expression and Self-realisation.
10. Individualisation leads eventually to Initiation.  -TSR I, 140


1. The Law of Immersion - first race.
2. The Law of Capitulation - second race.
3. The Law of Materialisation - Lemurian race.
    The Law of Hidden Radiance.
4. The Law of the Tides - Atlantean race.
5. The Law of Cleavages - Aryan race.
6. The Law of Loving Understanding - next race.  -TSR I, 379



... in the words from The Voice of the Silence:

"Compassion is no attribute. It is the Law of Laws—eternal Harmony, Alaya's Self; a shoreless, universal essence, the light of everlasting right and fitness of things, the law of love eternal."  -ENA 286


There is no question that those who break the law perish by the law, whilst those who keep it live by it. The true study of occultism is the study of the why and how of phenomena. It is the finding out of the method whereby results are achieved, and it involves close analysis of events and circumstances in order to discover their governing laws.
-LOM 204


AAB-DK:  ...the procedure pursued by the builders, the methods followed by them, in reproducing from the archetype, via the etheric that which we call physical manifestation; their sounds must be somewhat theoretically cognised, and the sounds whereby they are swept into activity considered. This involves, therefore, the organised study, by all applicants, of:—

1. The purpose of sound.
2. The esoteric meaning of words, of grammar, and of syntax.
3. The laws of vibration and of electricity, and many other subsidiary studies which concern themselves with the manifestation of divinity and consciousness through the medium of deva substance and the activity of the controlling devas.   -IHS 204


Let him use two energies and work with three laws. These are the dynamic energy of purpose, conforming to the Plan, and the magnetic energy of desire, drawing the builders to the centre of endeavour.
Let these three laws hold sway, the law of synthetic limitation, of vibratory interplay, and of active precipitation. The one concerns the life, the second concerns the building, and the third produces manifested existence. -TWM 278


AAB-DK: "All great discoveries, such as those made in connection with astronomy or in relation to the laws of nature or involving such a revelation as that of radio-activity or the epoch-making event announced this week concerning the first steps taken in the harnessing of cosmic energy [release of atomic energy] , are ever the result of inner pressure emanating from Forces and Lives found in high Places. Such inner pressures themselves function under the laws of the Spirit and not just under what you call natural laws; they are the result of the impelling work of certain great Lives, working in connection with the third aspect of divinity, that of active intelligence, and are concerned with the substance or matter aspect of manifestation. Such activities are motivated from Shamballa. " -EOH 492

Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Economy ~ rotary motion, spheroidal form of all that exists.
Attraction ~ cyclic spiral movement
Synthesis ~ driving forward through space, or forward progression. TCF 40

Effects of Rotary motion: separation, momentum, friction TCF 153-55
Effects of Law of Attraction: association, form building, adaptation TCF 1185

Synthesis ~ Spirit/Monad/Spiritual Trial. Electric Fire.
Attraction ~ Soul/Mind. Solar Fire. [7 Laws of Group Work]
Economy ~ Personality/Matter. Fire by Friction.

Synthesis ~ Sight
The recognition of totality, the synthesis of all, the realisation of the One in Many

Attraction ~ Touch
Under the Law of Attraction, man touches and makes contact with that which is brought to his attention [Page 199] through sound waves of activity.

Economy ~ Hearing
Under the Law of Economy man hears. Sound permeates matter and is the basis of its subsequent heterogeneity.  TCF 196-99

First. The Law of Economy is the primary law of the atom. The Law of Attraction is coming into control of the atom. The Law of Synthesis is but slightly felt by the life of the atom. It is the law of life.

Second. The Law of Attraction is the primary law of man. The Law of Economy is a secondary law for man. It governs the matter of his vehicles. The Law of Synthesis is steadily beginning to be felt.

Third. The Law of Synthesis is the primary law of a Heavenly Man. The Law of Attraction has full sway. The Law of Economy is transcended. TCF 253

The Law of Economy is the law of the negative electron; the Law of Synthesis is the Law of the positive central life; whilst the Law of Attraction governs that which is produced by the relation of these two, and is itself controlled by a greater cosmic law which is the principle of the intelligence of substance. It is the law of Akasha. TCF 1167

Students may find it of use to remember that,
a. The Law of Economy demonstrates as an urge,
b. The Law of Attraction as a pull,
c. The Law of Synthesis as a tendency to concentrate at a centre, or to merge. TCF 1182


The Intermediate Law of Karma (Sirius)
Newton's third law (law of reciprocal actions): for every action there is a reaction, equal in magnitude and in opposite direction.


TSR I: the three laws dealt with in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. These are:

1. The Law of Synthesis, determining the future, certifying the goal, and concerned with the life or spirit aspect.

2. The Law of Attraction, determining the present, and governing the immediate condition of the planetary types. It is concerned with the consciousness or the soul aspect.

3. The Law of Economy. This law determines the past, conditions the planetary consciousness, and concerns itself with the form or matter aspect.


TSR II, 151: The three major laws are, as has been stated elsewhere:—

1. The Law of Economy. This governs primarily the instinctual nature of man.

2. The Law of Attraction, which governs the soul aspect in man and in all forms of life, from an atom to a solar system.

3. The Law of Synthesis, which will govern man when he has arrived at the Path of Initiation, but which as yet means but little in his development.


[JB] Number (ideation) precedes Sound. (Polaris  #1027 )

[F.E.] Given the Eternal All, the One Element, Space, within which the manifest cosmos arises, it does so, we are taught, by way of the Sound or Voice, from which emanates the Word, Logos or "Army of the Voice" giving rise to the First Manifestation.   All of this should be dealt with under First Principles.

  1. The Sound and Voice sets in motion the operations of the first law, Vibration, which, as it gradually slows, descending "like a great cascading river down a mountain side", unfolds or gives rise to the sevenfold planes of Manifestation.   A law well known to science.
  1. The planes having come into existence, the law of Correspondence comes into play to explain the relationships between the lives and phenomena of the corresponding planes or rates of vibration.   Opens the door for an esoteric approach to all knowledge.
  1. All of this requires the law of Cycles or Periodicy to explain the involutionary laying down of the Planes.   Cycles exceedingly well known to science on physical plane.
  1. The law of Cause and Effect or Karma is also required to explain the interacting Lives and the nature of responsibility for one's actions.   A battleground in science.
  1. The law of Limitation enters because no system or form can arise without a Ring-Pass-Not, and the role of limitation needs explanation.   Intuitively known by most, but seldom thought out.
  1. Given finite forms/lives under the law of Limitation, we take up the law of Evolution and explain briefly the dynamics of the evolutionary process – a far, far different explanation than those given today by the warring camps of science and religion.   Can be presented with incisive clarity without becoming esoteric.
  1. To understand evolution, we have to take up the law of Polarity and show how involution and evolution represent movements between positive and negative poles or Spirit and Matter.   I've been overly cryptic and vague, I know.  That's why I want to do this slowly over several weeks or even a couple months.
  1. Then comes the law of Attraction/Love and its sub-sets.
  1. The Law of Radiation, unknown to HPB and barely mentioned by DK, takes on greater significance in our post-World War II world of nuclear bombs, atomic energy, etc.   There is a hidden significance here which I wish to show opens wide the door to occult truths and the spiritualization process.  This will expand upon what science currently accepts.
  1. The Law of Sacrifice and Death needs no comment here.   It merely follows in this place to show the significance of the flowering of the spiritual life and evolutionary Plan.
  1. The Law of Synthesis, defer to DK.
  1. The Law of Essential Identity – the One in the many, the doctrine of Laya centers.

Polaris #1010

[JB] The 3/7 approach (3 basic laws and 7 subsidiary laws) in TCF is supported by the laws of physics (light and sound), and thus would make it appealing to wide audiences. The names can be changed, but the concepts of will (synthesis), love (attraction) and intelligence (efficiency or economy of material effort) are the pillars upon which any other *subsidiary* (Hermetic/Mental) laws may be derived...

Polaris #1012

AAB-DK: These postulates are five in number - five out of a number too vast for your apprehension. These postulates themselves are based on certain fundamental facts, and these facts (seven in number) are not as yet all comprehended. H.P.B. touched on three in his statement of the fundamentals of the Secret Doctrine. Four yet remain hid, though the fourth is emerging somewhat through the study of psychology and mental science. The other three fundamentals will emerge during the next three rounds. This round will see the apprehension of the fourth fundamental.

These postulates are as follows:

1. That all that exists is based on sound or on the Word.
2. That differentiation is the result of sound.
3. That on each plane the Word has a different effect. [52]
4. That according to the note of the Word, or the vibration of the sound, will the work of building in or casting-out be accomplished.
5. That the one threefold Word has seven keys, and these seven keys have their own subtones.

In the apprehension of these basic facts lies hid much light on the use of the Word in meditation.

Polaris #1021

AAB-DK: As a human being, the disciple was ruled and conditioned by the cosmic Law of Economy, along with its various subsidiary laws which were active and conditioning in the three worlds of human evolution. This law is the basic law of nature and of the natural evolving man. After the first initiation, he comes under the Law of Attraction which carries and wields the energy of love and—though the Law of Economy is then abrogated—it preserves an habitual control over the habitual process of the form vehicles which are now used under the Law of Attraction; this law works within the consciousness of man and also within the forms in the service of the Hierarchy. This Law of Attraction is a major soul law.

Later, after the fourth initiation, the disciple comes [Page 423] increasingly under the Law of Synthesis, which is the major Law of the Spirit in the universe. His capacity then to include rapidly develops and his sense of awareness can (after the sixth Initiation of Decision) begin to range in an extra-planetary fashion. The meaning of all this may be only theoretical, as far as your understanding may be concerned; its significance must be carefully sought and this will not, by any means, prove an easy matter. Revelation will, however, come if you study what is said about these three major laws in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.  -DNA II, 422-423


HPB: It is primitive Philosophy [The same author had (as Occultists have) a very reasonable objection to the modern etymology of the word “philosophy,” which is interpreted “love of wisdom,” and is nothing of the kind. The philosophers were scientists, and philosophy was a real science—not simply verbiage, as it is in our day. The term is composed of two Greek words whose meaning is intended to convey its secret sense, and ought to be interpreted as “wisdom of love.” Now it is in the last word, “love,” that lies hidden the esoteric significance: for “love” does not stand here as a noun, nor does it mean “affection” or “fondness.” but is the term used for Eros, that primordial principle in divine creation, synonymous with ÷óöïæ, the abstract desire in Nature for procreation, resulting in an everlasting series of phenomena. It means “divine love,” that universal element of divine omnipresence spread throughout Nature and which is at once the chief cause and effect. The “wisdom of love” (or “philosophia,’) meant attraction to and love of everything hidden beneath objective phenomena and the knowledge thereof. Philosophy meant the highest Adeptship—love of and assimilation with Deity. In his modesty Pythagoras even refused to be called a Philosopher (or one who knows every hidden thing in things visible: cause and effect, or absolute truth), and called himself simply a Sage, an aspirant to philosophy, or to Wisdom of Love—love in its exoteric meaning being as degraded by men then as it is now by its purely terrestrial application.] that has served as the (Page 266) foundation-stone for modern philosophy; only the progeny, while perpetuating the features of the external body, has lost on its way the Soul and Spirit of its parent. (SD III, 265-266)

Supermundane III, 653. Equally outmoded is the term metaphysics. The manifestations of Nature, from the lowest to the highest, belong to the physical domain. It is impossible to introduce opposing views, or to separate and categorize, when there exists one, indivisible Foundation. Metaphysics appeared during the time of secret alchemy. Then, investigators had to hide from the attacks of ignorance and hypocrisy. But presently there is no need to drive science underground.

Supermundane IV, 766. It is only when physics is insufficiently understood that metaphysics exists.

Fiery World I, 659. Not without reason is it said that metaphysics does not exist—only physics.

Community, 230. It would seem that an end has been put forever to the two Western inventions, mysticism and metaphysics. Any laboratory, moderately fitted out, tells enough about the properties of the one matter. But as soon as people go beyond the limits of yesterday's experiment, they begin to cover up their helpfulness with indefinite dusty nomenclature. They rise in opposition, covering with the bugbears "metaphysics" and "mysticism" all the scientific possibilities of the coming day. The metaphysics of yesterday has turned into the scientific knowledge of an average literate man. Mysticism has proved to be a historic fact, and the walls of the tomb have convinced many more, those of broadest consciousness.


Q & A

Q: Would you be able to tell us more about the new Yoga: "Living Ethics"
What exactly does this mean?

A: In the Agni Yoga books by Helena Roerich the Teachings of the Living Ethics are related to the practice of Agni Yoga.

Fiery World III, 137. The Living Ethics contains laws for the manifestation of Truth. Life is affirmed in all the higher concepts; thus, the creativeness of the Living Ethics directs thought to the construction of the essential. All strivings in the name of the Living Ethics will direct thought to future constructiveness. Indeed, not by words but by actions will be molded the steps of the future. Each life-giving fire must evoke its own forms. Therefore, the creativeness of the Living Ethics can direct humanity to the Light.

Fiery World III, 261. Who will be a follower, if the Teaching is merely an abstraction? It is possible to trace each deplorable consequence precisely as a neglect of understanding of the Living Ethics. Fiery is the heart which knows the affirmation of Service with the Teaching. I manifest as My Will the installation of the Living Ethics and the purification of the Teaching. Without this there is no path to the Fiery World.

Fiery World III, 579. The Living Ethics is a bridge to all Worlds. Only in its living application is created an invulnerable crossing. Nothing can pierce the fiery armor. One does not have to be disturbed by the weeds of metaphysics when the spirit knows the path of living thought. Only the measure of good manifests the Fire of Light. With such a lamp it is possible to enter firmly upon the great bridge. Only for the distant journey is the Living Ethics given. One must love it as an aid in the journey.


Q:  Thank you for quoting the Agni books, but actually I was hoping that  you would give your own interpretation. Is this possible ?

A: Agni Yoga and Living Ethics are very similar, if not synonymous. Some of my views on Agni Yoga are published in

This new yoga --the Practice of the Infinite Presence-- does not separate a time or a place to meditate and practice yoga. It's an approach to life itself, living the ethical life of right relations with everything.

When we attempt to identify with the Divine Essence everywhere by paying profound attention to each and every event in our lives; when our simplicity of mind and our purity of heart are attuned, in serene expectancy, to that Infinite Presence everywhere; and when, as a result of these first two, we are better able to adapt ourselves to the ever changing course of life events --like a river flows--, then we KNOW that we are tapping the Source of Being and we can Be what We really are. Quite a *transfiguring* revelation, and quite different from the "illusion of selfhood" that, by false identification, we usually think we are. And that illusion is really unethical!

No metaphysics is needed. Just Being, as stated in the Doctrine of the Heart, and as described in the process of the Infinitization of Selfhood.

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