Gemini 1984, Barcelona, Spain

The Mysteries of Shamballa


The day I was able to enter those mysterious underground galleries, R., an Indian friend, an Initiate in the high mysteries of the Lodge and a well-regarded collaborator in the Master's work, was by my side. It happened many years ago, but that mystical experience of Shamballa was quite unforgettable... The walls of the gallery we had entered were vividly bright, reflecting a most intense bluish light, which, notwithstanding, did not hurt my visual perceptions. The light's apparent source was not a lamp, which intrigued me. Although I had not inquired about it, my senior guide, as if he had heard me, smiled and told me: "This light is co-substantial with the ether, the prime substance that fills up all universes, which, at the level we are in, radiates a substance completely unknown to the scientists of the world, lighting up all forms related to it in one way or another. The electric light used in the physical world must be channeled or distributed with wires and complex distribution systems. However, in the subtle levels (of the physical plane) light is produced by etheric shining, a radiant property of matter which is the source of illumination at these levels. The bluish hue of the light that you see is a radioactive property of the etheric subplane we are in. Every subplane of each plane in Nature's life is related to a definite light quality and it is indeed because of this radiant source that its vibratory properties may be precisely discerned by qualified and skilled observers".

At the entrance of this mysterious gallery, and I speak from first-hand experience, there is a heavy stone door of about three meters high and two meters wide. Behind it, two gigantic ASURAS1 confronted us with a threatening and ferocious look, blocking the access. They were armed with sharp tridents, their sharp, shining metal pointing toward us. However, my kind guide pronounced an irreproducible high-pitched mantram to put them at ease and allow us to go forward. They respectfully moved to each side of the door. The door began to open silently and we entered a small gallery leading to a spacious and well-lighted Abode where people were holding meetings in a mystical and religious silence. No one seemed to notice us, but my friend R., led me by the arm to a spot where I could see some of my more senior co-disciples in the Ashram, who smiled back with affection. This was the first time ever in this incarnation that I had entered one of the secret Shrines of Shamballa. I eventually found out that the purpose of such "Abode" was to infuse strength and responsibility into the souls of spiritual disciples all over the world, duly qualified according to inner considerations. (Strength and Responsibility are the two magical axes of the disciple's higher evolution, upon which are woven his traits as a Server of the Plan.)

I do not think that I will unduly disclose a secret of initiation if I describe what happened in that mysterious Abode where I was led. As far a I could see, seven galleries converged into this Abode, all similar to the one I had come through. This made me to wonder about its relation to the Ray qualities of the disciples called together therein. One thing was for certain: since I had first set foot in that Abode, my mind felt much sharper and my heart more filled with impersonal love. Something profoundly subtle, unfathomably wordless, was shaking the deepest foundations of the subtle vehicles of my awareness. That sacred place infused a sense of a very intense but nevertheless serene expectation, and the countenance of everybody around me radiated deep calm and serene peace. I, as everyone else, was in silent retreat, without any sense of time that would disturb such state of consciousness. My peace then was part of those infinite laws of cosmic sharing that link the life of God with all His creatures consciously aware of His infinite Love. The ineffable  patience of Sanat Kumara -Whose days are very many thousands of years– is present in that majestic and serene mystic complacency which the Master calls "serene expectation" and which undisturbedly withstands the evolutionary course of ceaseless events. That patience is also present in those unique robes of eternity with which the Lord of the World clothes all His varied expressions...

The same bluish light, albeit much more intense than the light in the converging galleries, was shining in the Abode with majestic splendor. There was an altar in the center where bright golden devas were burning unknown substances which, upon contact with a fiery flame of deep violet color rising from the middle of it -an altar made of finely engraved rock crystal– spread out etheric perfumes eagerly absorbed by my subtle vehicles charging them with a warm and unknown energy. My distinguished guide told me then: "By an act of conscious will, keep in all the etheric energy that you can assimilate out of these volatile essences; they are direct emanations from the Aura of the Lord of the World which the Devas, as you can see, care to modify using some vegetable essences, so that its etheric essences may be harmlessly absorbed by the world disciples meeting here."

According to what I was able to make out of that unique experience, that Abode was not what we would esoterically call the "Chamber of Initiation". Instead, it was a place for training world disciples in the infinite science of higher integration, without which it would be impossible to attain Hierarchical Initiations... However, it was necessary to have attained two minor or preparatory initiations before access was permitted to this or to any other similar chamber and be granted the sacred gifts of Strength and Responsibility. I was deeply moved when I realized how powerfully and clearly I could see through events, even the most abstruse, and in a magic moment that I will never forget, I heard within my innermost being the warm and harmonious words of the Master, asking me to pay very close attention to the events I was about to experience...

I then saw three high spiritual Entities etherically materialize on the other side of the altar, Adepts of the Hierarchy and Servers of Shamballa. The One in the middle, Who seemed of the highest hierarchy, complacently glanced at us and, after doing a magic sign of blessing, began to speak. Initially I could not understand anything because He spoke in a foreign language. Afterwards, as he went along, I could slowly make sense of the words he was uttering until, finally, I was able to fully understand what He said in my native tongue, catalan.

The clear and profound meaning of His words was filling my heart with a new sense of inner values. Ideas reached my heart easily, as it was my heart that was really listening, releasing me from the human habit of formulating intellectual conclusions. In summary, what He was saying was that "having been able to gain entrance to that Abode where a certain energy from the Lord of the World was being released for world use, an opportunity was being proffered to gain a strength more powerful than what we had been able to attain before by means of our own individual efforts in the hard path of discipleship. A strength, latent in the deepest sources of being, which the Great White Brotherhood of the planet calls the Spirit of Compassion. By this energy, at present beyond all human understanding and beyond all spiritual qualities so far developed in the Quest (being the basis and support of this Universe)," so the Master continued, "you must now conquer that intimate sense of spiritual Responsibility without which the Strength, no matter how powerful its impulse, would get lost in the maze of the senses --maya--, in emotional outbursts, or in a greedy mind coveting immortal goods or even plain esoteric knowledge... Power and Responsibility should be the two arms of your inner scale as disciples, but at the very center of that scale must always be the Spirit of Compassion, by which all individual action would carry God's own seal. By Compassion you would discover the eternal secret of Synthesis that would carry you to the highest Initiations".

After His brief speech, the Master stood still in silence, glancing deeply at us "burning up our heart with His shining gaze", like we are told the Initiate experiences when facing for the first time the shining countenance of the Lord of the World, the Only Initiator, in our planet. This mystical quote is a rather insignificant point of reference to express in words a profound event very hard to understand outside our own experience...

After this stage of silence, when I felt myself scrutinized, the three great Lords pronounced a special Mantram, full of mysterious and unintelligible sounds, after which the Abode shone with new and even more powerful glitters and we were overcome by a spiritual energy of uncommon and unknown quality, providing us with a renewed and more profound feeling of love toward humanity. Finally, the extraordinary Being at the center of the altar blessed us with a wide and unique gesture that blended our hearts in an inexpressible spirit of Compassion.

When I returned to my physical body, my brain faithfully kept all those mystical scenes, but by the morning, when I woke up, it was impossible to recall or become aware of the spiritual events I had lived through that night... The perfect and complete recollection of such experience came to me later on, when a closer contact with the Master and a more profound understanding of His teachings in the Ashram, began to clarify my mind and to redeem the karmic substance accumulated in my subtle vehicles...

From my notes on "The Inner Ashram"

Vicente Beltrán Anglada