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Vicente Beltrán Anglada

Angels in the Social Life of Humanity


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VBA (1986): "My first three books were a preparation to the Threefold Task and were entitled: The Hierarchy, the Solar Angels and Humanity (1972); The Mysteries of Yoga (1976) and Esoteric Conversations (public talks in Barcelona 1976-1980). 

The next two books represented an affirmation of spiritual principles.  Introduction to Agni Yoga (1981) is a practical exposition of the mystical but intensely dynamic life born in the heart when the mind stops reflecting its external circumstances and surrenders to its spiritual purpose. My Spiritual Experiences (1981) is an [autobiographic] account of mental and psychic experiences in the life of a disciple. The purpose of sharing such experiences is to develop a discerning attitude leading to right and decisive action among spiritual aspirants. 

The triptych An Esoteric Treatise on Angels (1979-1980), consisting of Occult Forces of Nature (1979), Devic Structures of Forms (1980), and Angels in the Social Life of Humanity (1980), represented my wholehearted embrace of the Ashramic task that I would specifically assume responsibility for.

The next book, The Mysteries of Shamballa (1985), was completed during my visit to Argentina, according Hierarchical plans. In that book some preliminary ideas are presented about this all-inclusive and inscrutable center guiding our spiritual evolution on Earth.

Finally, with the book Organized Planetary Magic (1986), I attempt to fulfill the third of my Ashramic commitments. Despite its simplicity, the book describes the basic [practical] ideas on Magic, a vital process involved in any human, planetary or cosmic act of creation."






Angels in the Social Life of Humanity

Table of Contents

First Part:

I: Esoteric Geometry

The Science of the Centers
The Angelic Kingdom: the Fulcrum Between Life and Form

II: Devas and Human Imagination

Individual, Family, Professional, Group, and Social Environments.
The National Soul

III: The Mystery of the Hydrogen Atom

Angels and the Substantiation of the Ultimate Atoms

IV: Devas and the Human Etheric Body

Lunar Devas

V: Golden Devas

Breathing Rhythm
Magnetic Radiation

VI. Devas and the Hierarchy

The Plan
Humanity as a Planetary Center
Three Hierarchical Departments: Manu, Bodhisattva, Mahachohan.

VII: Psychic Power of Devas

Kingdoms of Nature
Human States of Consciousness
The Seven Rays
Astrological Life Waves
The Solar Angel
Planetary Karma
Psychic Phenomena

Second Part

VIII: Lords of Karma (Angels of Death, of Justice, of the Akashic Records, and of Liberation)

IX: Lords of Karma and Human Life (Birth, Disease, Old Age, and Death). Kamaloka and Devachan.

X: The Lords of Karma in the Life of the Universe

XI: Seeds of Cosmic Good

The Struggle of Good and Evil
The Mystical Basis of Creation
The Mystery of Time and Space

XII: Angels and Astrological Influences

A Science of Communication Between Angels and Menu Universal Life Cycles
Great Deva Hierarchies

XIII: Egregors

What are they; how to identify them; how to destroy negative egregors.

Higher Angels and Other Occult Issues About  Egregors

XIV: Experimental Synthesis

The Sight of the Occult World
Conditions for Intimate Contact With Angels
The Creators of Fate
On Joy and the Mystery of Speech
The Third Vital Element


VBA (1986): "I hope to have done my small part in this great spiritual adventure, as inspired from the mystical center of the Ashram. Maybe it is not as vast and thorough as I would have preferred, but either the circumstances imposed a prudent silence, or my own limitations created an expressive "ring-pass-not."  Be that as it may, my sincere prayer and my warmest wish is that the ideas contained in all my books may shed some light --bringing some spiritual understanding-- to the minds and hearts of the spiritual aspirants who read them. May these books serve some useful purpose by impressing universal values into their personal lives."

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